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The North Shore’s plumber of choice for over 100 years

Lucke Plumbing of Willamette and Evanston, IL, has been the local solution for plumbing and heating services on Chicago’s Northshore for more than a century. Family owned and operated, our master plumbers and heating experts take pride in getting the job done right the first time. Our legacy of satisfied customers serves as a guarantee to the quality of our work.

We offer complete plumbing, heating, and sewer services to customers across the North Shore of Chicago. From backed-up sinks to burst pipes, our expert plumbers offer same-day, 24-hour emergency repair service and can be at your home or business when you need to find a plumber fast. Our heating professionals install and repair radiators, hot water heaters, and boilers to ensure your home has heat. Lucke Plumbing has the capability to tackle larger projects, from full plumbing construction to the installation of an automated drive and walkway snow melt system.

Licensed plumber, sewer, traditional heating, and radiant heating services and installations are available for your home, business, new construction, or remodeling project. For a plumbing estimate or quote, give us a call today at (847) 251-2020.

Plumbing Services

  • 24-hour emergency plumbers
  • Complete installation and repair
  • Sewer and drain rodding
  • Clogged sinks, toilets, and bathtubs
  • Sewer and sump pump inspection
  • Frozen pipes thawed
  • Full clean outs

Heating Services

  • Full hot water heater servicing
  • Steam and hot water boiler repair
  • Water pressure adjustments
  • Efficiency inspections
  • Gas and water leak inspections
  • Flood control systems
  • Radiant heat installations